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"BioMedical understand the type of procedures we have and are patient with our programme"

If you are looking for bespoke software development services that really deliver what you want, and you don't want to pay over the odds, then BioMedical is the right team for you.

We will turn your vision into reality. Whether that is more efficient working processes or configuration software (that enhances your product's functionality and commercial value) we can help.

The senior team looking after you have over 50 years of combined experience in delivering bespoke software applications to the exact requirements of businesses like yours.

You will not be disappointed. Our business is growing because we do not let our customers down and we are regularly recommended. Part of the secret of our success is retaining a solid core team of exceptionally talented people that carry out all your development work in house. In addition, we always start by understanding what your final goal is and work back from there. This ensures that the solution always meets your required result.

As our name suggests, we have extensive experience serving medical research, biotechnology and scientific clients. However, we are also well established in providing commercial business efficiency solutions for customers in publishing, insurance, construction, manufacturing, care and retail to name but a few sectors.

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Meet the team

James Densem

James established BioMedical Computing Ltd in 1996 when he left the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine after working there for 11 years as a medical researcher, programmer and computer manager. Hence the 'Medical' part of BioMedical, the 'Bio' being from his university studies. James is looking forward to exciting times ahead working with his brilliant and loyal team in satisfying customers needs.

Outside of BioMedical Computing Ltd his interests include gardening, travel and ornithology.

Adrian Davis

Adrian joined BioMedical Computing Ltd in 2001 fresh from University of Brighton. Adrian started at BioMedical Computing Ltd as a Microsoft Access programmer but soon started working on web based applications using the skills he learnt whilst studying for his HND. He has also developed a number of .NET desktop applications and is an expert in Serial and USB device interfacing.

Outside of BioMedical Computing Ltd his interests include tending his allotment, playing bass guitar and cooking.

Simon Mumford

Simon joined the team in 2002, having completed his HND at the University of Brighton the previous year. At the time, BioMedical Computing Ltd was expanding its skill set and needed someone to focus on developing web applications. The majority of our projects today are of this type and Simon has developed a number of websites, along the way learning various new programming languages and techniques. He is now a specialist in .NET web applications..

Outside of BioMedical Computing Ltd his interests include sport, cars and computers.

Phil Whitfield

Phil joined the team in 2011, having completed his BSc at the University of Brighton. He is expanding his skills in applications and web development and is currently working on apps for mobile devices such as iPhone and Android.

Outside of BioMedical Computing Ltd his interests include photography, paddle boarding and the occasional hike.

Brad Pittman

Brad joined the team in 2017 after thirteen years as a Web Programmer/Analyst at Hastings Borough Council. He is looking forward to working with his new colleagues on a wide range of exciting and challenging new and existing projects.

Outside of BioMedical Computing Ltd his interests include technology and motorbikes.

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