The challenge

Your clients rely on you to keep their labs running smoothly. They need regular equipment calibration and servicing, and they need to be fully compliant, accredited and certified.

Their livelihoods and credibility rely on the accuracy and reliability of their equipment, and they rely on you to ensure it delivers, every time.

The challenge is to keep your business running smoothly so that you can help your clients' do their jobs, reducing human error as much as possible to minimise inefficiencies and prevent reputational or financial losses.

The Solution

What if your device or technology could be enhanced by software that calibrates and performs checks and balances with speed and accuracy, as well as communicating securely with your client's system to easily consolidate data?

What if you could provide your clients with a full audit trail for the handling of their equipment whilst being serviced and calibrated, providing full traceability, transparency and credibility when it really counts?

Ultimately, what if you could ensure you have the structures and systems in place to meet all your clients' demands, whilst ensuring accuracy, reliability and efficiency at every step?


That's where BioMedical comes in. Whatever the service or technology you provide to your clients, we can help you streamline your processes and improve your operating practices, benefiting both your business and your clients'.

BioMedical are a team of consultative software development experts. We have a proven track record of helping biotechnology companies just like yours improve and complement their equipment with bespoke software optimised to meet their clients' needs.

We don't like to think of ourselves as consultants, because we actually develop, deliver and implement our solutions. Ultimately, we're here to keep things running smoothly, with the knowledge and experience to provide the systems and software you need to deliver your services.

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Bespoke Product Development Service

Our bespoke product development service will help you deliver the reliable technology and equipment your customers need. We will reduce time wastage, ensuring your processes are as efficient and up to date as possible.

Our approach is collaborative and analytical, combining your deep understanding of your business with our problem solving abilities. We will work with you to create a software application that includes all the features you require, customised to your chosen platform.

BioMedical knows your priority is helping your clients to do their job, and we're experts in interpreting and evolving your requirements to exceed expectations.
BioMedical knows your priority is helping your clients to do their job, and we're experts in interpreting and evolving your requirements to exceed expectations.

1. Initial discussion

First, we’ll take the time to discuss and understand your ideas and challenges so that you can receive some honest, experienced advice and understand how we can help you develop your idea.

2. Outline strategy

Next, we’ll work together to outline requirements and build a strategy, with flexibility built in to ensure that new ideas can be integrated as we progress.

3. Main development

Then, we’ll enter the main development phase, during which you’ll be kept in the loop at all times, so you can review the solution and make necessary changes at every stage.

4. Testing & release

Finally, once we’ve finished, the solution will be rigorously tested and we’ll support your transition to market, ensuring you can be totally confident when you roll out your product.

5. The future

BioMedical will ensure you feel supported, heard and understood by experienced professionals who speak your language, and take every challenge in their stride, ensuring you’re happy at each stage of development and implementation.

The Results

Our commitment to you, when you work with BioMedical is that we will not only deliver cutting edge device interfacing solutions, but that you'll come to see us as an invaluable part of your team.

BioMedical is your trusted software partner, providing practical, professional support and quantifiable results.

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"The engineers at Biomedical through their professionalism have helped us achieve our goals for rolling out the CompactUSB product to the marketplace. They have been very reliable and always respond to our needs by implementing changes quickly. Our CompactUSB product and associated software has helped to further develop the reputation of Bedfont Scientific as a provider of simple to use, quality breath analysis equipment."

Scott Deamer

Bedford Scientific

Developing software for a changing world