Case Studies

Client: Bedfont Scientific Ltd

Product: GastroCHART (Gastrolyzer)

The Brief

Our customer had developed a handheld monitoring device that measures the concentration of hydrogen in exhaled breath. Breath hydrogen readings measured over a fixed time period can be analysed and the results used to indicate gastro-intestinal disorders.

Our brief was to develop software that would interface to, and synchronise readings with the device. In addition the software needed to be able to control the timings of readings for a number of tests being run in parallel thus making device usage more efficient in a clinic setting.

The Solution

We developed a standalone .net Windows based application with the following features:

  • Automatic detection of connected device to allow real time data capture
  • Data synchronisation between device and patient database
  • Ability to run 10 tests simultaneously with individual timers and parameters
  • Custom test protocols can be configured for use on the device
  • Support for multiple languages, these can be modified or new ones added
  • PDF reports including charts can be produced from within the software
  • Intuitive interface with interactive help system

The Conclusion

The software has added extra value to the device package and has provided a useful tool for managing patient information and producing professional reports for patients. The ability of the software to manage multiple tests running in parallel reduces the cost where used in a clinic.

Sales potential has been greatly increased with the inclusion of the multiple language facility.

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"BioMedical have been invaluable to Bedfont in helping us get our product into the market more quickly and have played a huge part in the success of the Gastrolyzer project. With BioMedical's help we now have fully commissioned units in over 55 countries worldwide, with thousands of people benefiting from the use of the Gastrolyzer product

Scott Deamer

Technical Support Manager

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