Case Studies

Client: IAS

Product: Claims Management System

The Brief

Our client came to us with a legacy stand-alone Access database system that was no longer fulfilling their business needs. As they have a number of offices located across the UK data was being entered both locally at each office and replicated at head office. To reduce workload and delays in entering data we recommended a hosted solution that would allow data to be entered once by each office and be instantly accessible to head office.

They also needed a way to link external documents to a claim and have these accessible via the system as these were stored on servers within each remote office.

The Solution

There were two other important considerations whilst planning the system:

  1. They wanted the system to be familiar to existing staff to minimise disruption once implemented.
  2. They didn’t want people to be able to access it from anywhere, just within defined locations.

The solution we proposed was a Windows application that communicated via a secure web service with a hosted central server for database and document storage. Features include

  • Data entry forms for adding claim data based on original Access system for familiarity.
  • Custom plugins for Word, Excel and Outlook to allow documents and emails to be saved automatically to the system for a specified claim.
  • A range of letters and emails automatically generated based on information entered into the system, reducing the time required to generate and send them.
  • Document storage and retrieval for each claim within the system. Access to these files is managed so if a user has retrieved a file to make changes other users can’t access it until the edits have been committed back to the system.
  • Management and financial reports show real time data allowing both local offices and head office to keep track of claims.
  • Inclusion of historical data from the Access database system so full claim history is available in a single system. .

The Conclusion

The system has been rolled out across all the offices and the reception from staff has been very positive. They have been able to carry on with their normal business activities at each site without any disruption.

The new features mean the claim data and all associated documents are stored in a single place and this is speeding up the processing of these claims.

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"BioMedical have been approachable and patient with us in developing a bespoke system which will be adaptable as business needs change. They have taken time to understand how our business works, and what is required, and the end result is already reaping benefits in enabling us to share information and data more effectively across our offices and with our clients."

Phil Nolan


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