The Brief

The client required a system to check for counterfeit copies of their goods. Labels and codes were also required for individual boxes of products, which could be checked by the end user of the product. The client also required that scanned codes which are not genuine, are recorded and stored in a database. This data can be viewed by the client and acted upon when necessary.

The Solution

We created a system with the following features;
  • We developed the software as an online solution as this would allow ease of access to any user across the world.
  • We modified the clients existing website to allow the use of the anti-counterfeiting software.
  • We created a system which generates a unique 7 digit code and corresponding barcode which can be printed on labels for shipping crates and checked by the retailers and wholesalers of the product to confirm that the product is genuine.
  • The codes generated by the system had to be checked for uniqueness then arranged specifically onto the corresponding labels, which could be printed directly from screen to the desired label via the use of a specialised printer.
  • Each barcode or code can be scanned or typed into the system which then confirms whether or not the product is genuine.
  • The entire site was secured by a 128-bit SSL security certificate.

The Conclusion

By using the system, the client can now guarantee their customers that the product they have purchased is genuine and not a poor quality counterfeit version. The system grants the client a greater sense of security regarding their products and allows them to see which areas are the worst affected by the counterfeiters.
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“We needed a solution that was also counterfeit proof, in order that our competitors could not copy it. The solution evolved through co-operation and early discussions between Swift-Lite Charcoal and BioMedical. Understanding the problem and options for the solution were the most important part of the process.
BioMedical have succeeded in quickly understanding our problem and offering a smooth, efficient and user friendly system.”
Steve Barnes, Managing Director
Steve Barnes
Managing Director