The Brief

We created a piece of software for our client that communicates with a handheld breath monitor that measures carbon monoxide (CO) levels and displays the measured readings.
Following a successful device and software demonstration to Medway NHS Stop Smoking Service, modifications were required to produce a customised version. One of the most important new features was the ability for the readings on the device to be sent to an interactive online, moderated support group meeting, a key element in the Stop Smoking Service. In addition, users would need to be able to install and operate the software with ease.

The Solution

  • Modified our existing software to synchronise with the appropriate online database.
  • USB Human Interface Device connectivity to PC.
  • Created an installation setup wizard to allow users to add their website login details so their results can be stored against the correct person.
  • Worked alongside the website company to interface with the online database using scripts to send the data rather than direct database access.
  • Designed in such a way that they can add new stop smoking clinics without needing to change the software.

The Conclusion

The modifications have allowed the breath CO level readings to be automatically incorporated into the online support group meetings. This allows the session moderators to monitor the progress of each member of the Stop Smoking Group.
The ease of software installation and setup, coupled with the software design, means that any number of NHS trusts are able to create their own service without having to modify the software. Rollout to other trusts will mean increased device sales for our client.
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“The engineers at Biomedical through their professionalism have helped us achieve our goals for rolling out the CompactUSB product to the market place. They have been very reliable and always respond to our needs by implementing changes quickly.
Our COmpactUSB product and associated software has helped to further develop the reputation of Bedfont Scientific as a provider of simple to use, quality breath analysis equipment.”
Scott Deamer, Technical Support Manager
Scott Deamer
Technical Support Manager