The Brief

Osborne Energy is an independent delivery partner in the energy efficiency sector. They needed a new system for tracking jobs, monitoring quality checks and generating invoice submissions.

The Solution

We developed a web system so that jobs could be added from anywhere, including the option to allow clients to log in and add their own jobs. The system had to allow jobs to be added manually and imported from contractor supplied spreadsheets, although these jobs would need to be checked before being set as active. Invoice submissions had to fit in a supplied submission spreadsheet. The system includes the following features:
  • Ability to import batches of jobs from spreadsheets.
  • Contractor logins for adding / monitoring their own jobs.
  • New jobs are quarantined until they have been duplicate checked and released.
  • Automatic calculation of rates based on selected scheme.
  • QC data collection forms.
  • Home page automatically alerts users to missing information such as incomplete QC forms and expired contractor insurance details.
  • Custom report builder allows users to generate any report they need by following a wizard.

The Conclusion

Their new tracking system has enabled Osborne Energy to process new jobs much faster than before due to the batch import facility. The quarantine and automatic rate calculation processes have allowed jobs to be added by external users and those without the necessary knowledge to release jobs.
The alerts ensure that all jobs and contractor accounts are processed in a timely manner and that required data is up to date.
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“The Osborne Energy Tracking System is very easy to use and extremely versatile. It has significantly reduced the time spent processing invoices by allowing the user to upload spreadsheets of information. It’s also a great way for our contractors to log their own jobs and proves beneficial to our smaller contractors who don’t have their own in house logging system.”
Cally Atkinson
Head of Private Housing Schemes

“After using spreadsheets for several years, the introduction of the database takes so much of the hard work and frustration, as well as error, out of our invoice processing procedure. We are looking forward to adding more features and products to the database in the future and have nothing but praise for the support and guidance provided by BioMedical – they have been very helpful, even understanding and interpreting our non-technical language for requirements!”
Emma Andrews