The Brief

To create a data automation solution to automate as many of the manual data manipulation steps as possible. The original process included the manual creation of course spreadsheets containing student information, exam registrations and previous year’s exam results from diverse data sources. These spreadsheets were then updated with exam results and once completed the results were then re-entered into a database.

The Solution

We created an application in Microsoft Access that has the following features:
  • Imports student exam registration details
  • Generates multi sheet Excel spreadsheets for each course
  • Imports the completed spreadsheets and updates the database
  • Creates summary reports in Word and also in .csv format
Each generated spreadsheet contains the following functionality
  • Formula based grade calculation
  • Summary sheets automatically update from individual exam sheets
  • Exam result data import from .csv file
  • Automatic allocation of exam progress recommendations

The Conclusion

Automation of the creation of the spreadsheets with their embedded functionality and the ability to import results and recommendations back into the database has greatly reduced data entry time and has reduced the potential for transcription errors. The online marking system has also increased process efficiency.
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“I have been working with Bio-Medical Computing for several years and during this time they have helped us to develop some impressive applications to better support our students and staff. The Bio-Medical development team have always provided excellent customer service and are always willing to go the extra mile.
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Justin Margolin, DL Office Manager
Justin Margolin
DL Office Manager