The Brief

Eurocat collects and analyses birth malformation data from over 40 registries from different countries across Europe. They required a system that would standardise and verify the data sent by each registry prior to collating the data in a central database.
In addition the system needed to simplify the method of analysing and reporting data and also for publishing research findings. The analysis needed to include the statistical monitoring and reporting of trends and clusters of birth malformation data.

The Solution

We created a Microsoft Access database application that allowed each registry to either enter or import their birth malformation data.
The system ensures that all data is coded according to agreed guidelines and verifies each case.
The following functions were included:
  • Flexible data entry or import
  • Data validation and duplicate entry checking
  • Cleaned data export to the central database
  • The program includes a powerful and flexible set of analysis tools that allows real time registry level data analysis and statistical monitoring of trends and clusters

The Conclusion

The provision of a standard data collection program has greatly reduced time that was previously spent in data management. This has allowed Eurocat to concentrate on data analysis and it also allows them to distribute statistical and reporting programmes (distributed analysis) to all partners to save them resources, instead of everyone writing their own.
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“Our growth as a network would have been very difficult without the software and support provided by Bio-Medical Computing Ltd. They consistently combine thorough understanding of our needs with high technical competence and excellent communication.”
Profressor Helen Dolk, Eurocat Project Leader
Profressor Helen Dolk
Eurocat Project Leader