The Brief

Shopper Anonymous provide mystery shopping, customer service training and consultancy for a variety of companies in the UK. They wanted us to re-develop their existing online mystery shopping system to make it faster, more reliable and more flexible.

The Solution

The design of the original system was not altered too much to make the new system feel familiar for the users. The system was however re-created from the ground up.
Specific requirements were:
  • Ability for shoppers to save their progress and return to a mystery shopping report later.
  • Option to re-generate old reports directly from the data.
  • Facility to analyse client’s results including the option for some clients to log in and generate their own reports.
  • Options to customise the report setup for each client in terms of colours, branding, and graphs.
  • Facility to email reports to clients directly from the system.
  • Special options for franchisees so that they can manage their clients and shoppers directly.
  • Automatic calculation of costs and commission amounts for franchises.
  • Allow shoppers to view online training videos.

The Conclusion

The new mystery shopping system offers many new features both to the shoppers and the administrators.
By a combination of hosting the system on our own server and designing it from the outset with speed and reliability in mind, the improvements in these areas are noticeable.
The ability to analyse data, generate reports and send them directly to the clients has improved the ability of the franchisees to manage their own clients and shoppers.
Allowing shoppers to view training videos online has reduced training costs by 75%.
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“We have used programming companies in the past but they never delivered what we wanted, on time and to budget. Then we met BioMedical who have delivered an on line mystery shopping system to a world class standard within timescales and on budget! Our customers love it and as a result we have made massive efficiency improvements. BioMedical are very very good.”
Jonathan Winchester, Managing Director
Jonathan Winchester
Managing Director