The Brief

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) approached us for help with their data collection from paper mills across the UK. They were issuing customised questionnaires to the mills on a monthly basis and then having to re-enter the data into an internal database. This operation took an enormous amount of time and was complex to do manually because each questionnaire was individually customised and had different fields to fill in.
Our task was to provide a more efficient solution that would save time, money and reduce potential errors.

The Solution

We decided a web based solution would best suit their needs.
The following features were incorporated:
  • Create customised questionnaires with custom validation rules and automatically calculated fields.
  • Save questionnaires in two formats allowing for online completion (browser based) as well as an offline excel spreadsheet with an automated CSV (comma separated values) file creation process for uploading the results to the site.
  • Assign questionnaires to one or more mills
  • Automatically notify mills of new questionnaires and overdue questionnaires via email.
  • Ability for a mill to partially complete a questionnaire and finish it at a later date before sending it to the CPI.
  • Provide a data download gateway to interface with the current offline database structure that provides ongoing reporting and analysis.
This solution allows The CPI to manage their questionnaires online from any location and allows mills to complete the questionnaires when it is convenient for them.

The Conclusion

By using this system the CPI have reduced the costs of producing, posting and processing the questionnaires. The questionnaires are also much easier to customise and new questionnaires can be created as required with no programming cost.
By having built in validation the number of human errors have been reduced and therefore the time required to follow up on the data has also been reduced making the whole process more efficient and saving a considerable amount of money.
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