The Brief

Biohit (now Sartorius) required an application to run their Pipette Doctor service centres. The application needed to handle not just pipette calibration, but the collecting, booking in, servicing and dispatching of pipettes. They also wanted to be able to sell the software to customers with different usage requirements around the world.

The Solution

We created a stand-alone .net application to ensure it would run on any Windows platform without any third party software requirements. The application includes the following features:
  • Based on a modular system so each customer could choose the features they require and purchase additional features in the future.
  • Has a service module to allow users to track all aspects of the servicing process, including collecting, booking in, adding parts and dispatching.
  • The calibration module takes readings automatically from any balance connected to the serial port.
  • Created a reporting module that allows users to analyse the data on the system and actively remind customers when their pipettes are due for servicing.
  • Uses an online activation process to combat piracy.
  • Optional credit system to charge franchisees a small amount per calibration
  • Customisation feature to allow customising of service reports and calibration certificates

The Conclusion

The software streamlined their processes by incorporating all the activities into one package. It has reduced human error by interfacing directly with the balance to retrieve readings. It has provided them with a product that can be sold either boxed or over the Internet and in many different forms to match the customer’s requirement. It has also added value to their franchise offering.
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“We have been involved with BioMedical Computing for around 7 years. The software they have developed has enabled us to streamline our UK service operations, with both our field and workshop operations. The software has also enabled us to franchise our operations around the world.
James and his team are consummate professionals and always respond quickly and efficiently to all the challenges we throw at them, and we do throw plenty of challenges at them!
The ongoing support we receive from BioMedical is second to none and they are regarded as very much a part of Biohit’s team. We would be lost without them. ”
Ian Hemmings, Director of Service – North Europe
Ian Hemmings
Director of Service – North Europe