The Brief

The client wanted to be able to examine their forward stock position in order to be able to advise customers when their orders could be fulfilled. As some products are imported, the shipping time becomes an important factor in stock availability. They use Sage Line 50 to manage purchase and sales orders and current stock. However, Sage does not provide the reports containing the information they need. Another requirement was to be able to record additional information against selected stock items and purchase orders and produce customised reports. With this in mind a bespoke Sage Line 50 Integration was required.

The Solution

We created a Microsoft Access database application with the following features;
  • Real time data access using the Sage Line 50 ODBC data connection.
  • User selects which stock items to include and can add extra data such as box volume.
  • Additional information can be added to purchase orders including shipping information.
  • Customised purchase orders can be output directly to Microsoft Excel and the hyperlink path to the output file is stored.
  • Purchase orders can be combined to create an Excel shipping and delivery report.
  • Purchase order and sales order data are combined to create an Excel spreadsheet categorised by month and product. Output data include stock levels, volume, purchase cost, sales value and margin.

The Conclusion

By using the system, the client can now provide their customers with accurate delivery dates for their orders. The system automatically updates itself dynamically from Sage so there is no concern over updating separate systems. The reports are in the exact format required by the client and have reduced time and effort in the administration of product stock.
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“BioMedical have provided us with a bespoke system that allows us to provide suppliers with much more concise details of our order requirements.
BioMedical has helped us to streamline the management of our Purchase Ordering, Tracking and Margin Generation. This gives us instant and accurate information about our business and is estimated to save us in the order of 500 man hours a year. ”
Steve Barnes, Managing Director
Steve Barnes
Managing Director