The Brief

Biohit (now Sartorius) have a lot of franchises and international concerns and each requires their own website. They wanted a system that would allow them to manage all the websites from a single site, but with the search engine optimisation benefits that come from having sites hosted on servers local to the country the website is intended to serve.

The Solution

We created a custom content management system where the content of the various sites are stored on our server, and retrieved by a web service from a single file hosted remotely. The system includes the following features:
  • Remote servers can be cheap and simple (even virtual hosting) as all the content and all the work is done on our server.
  • Users and search engines alike are completely unaware that the pages are generated and not hosted locally.
  • Shared templates mean that all the sites have the corporate look, but each site has country specific content and language.
  • Multiple templates can be defined so that each branding has a different design.
  • Templates are divided into zones that can be individually edited so that content cannot spoil the layout.
  • Content editing is quick and easy, including inserting images and videos, and creating custom forms for capturing visitor information.
  • Adverts and notices can be easily added to multiple sites in one go.
  • Comprehensive user permissions allow some users to update content on their own site whilst others have complete control over all sites.

The Conclusion

The cluster system has enabled Biohit to revamp all of their international websites in a short time frame.
The resulting websites have been proven to work in multiple languages including English, Finish, French, German, Danish and Chinese. Tests have also shown them to be just as search engine friendly as standard, locally hosted pages.
The cost of hosting the websites (currently 20 and growing) on local servers around the world has been dramatically reduced through the use of simple virtual hosting with content stored on our server.
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“We have been involved with BioMedical Computing for around 7 years. The software they have developed has enabled us to streamline our UK service operations, with both our field and workshop operations. The software has also enabled us to franchise our operations around the world.
James and his team are consummate professionals and always respond quickly and efficiently to all the challenges we throw at them, and we do throw plenty of challenges at them!
The ongoing support we receive from BioMedical is second to none and they are regarded as very much a part of Biohit’s team. We would be lost without them. ”
Ian Hemmings, MD Biohit UK
Ian Hemmings
MD Biohit UK