FilesThruTheAir Cloud Monitoring System Launched


Working alongside the team at Corintech Ltd we have developed a cloud interface for their range of wifi data loggers, allowing real time monitoring of temperature and humidity data globally.


Following the successful development of a PC software package for the monitoring of loggers, Corintech wanted to offer the service globally via a web portal. Whilst they developed the communication protocol for the devices to send data to a web server, we worked on a receiver for this data and a cloud interface for end users to login and view the data. The scope of the project grew and the system now sends out real time alerts for user customisable events (such as temperature / humidity ranges) and includes a suite of analysis tools allowing you to drill down into the logged data to monitor exactly what is happening at any time, from anywhere in the world.


We are continuously developing this platform as Corintech continue to add new sensor types to their wide range of devices.


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