QuickScreen Dyslexia Test

We were approached by Pico to see if we could assist in upgrading their windows based dyslexia test software to work on modern Windows operating systems. After much discussion of the available options they decided to redevelop the system as a web based application to allow maximum compatibility with different computers and tablets and make for easier future, platform-independent updates.

Working closely with Pico we developed a system with multiple subscription levels. Individuals can register and purchase tests for their own use and organisations such as universities can add candidates and manage the test assignments and reporting on their behalf.

The test has multiple sections that are completed individually and the scores are then combined in a final PDF report that can be used to provide an overall result. The sections are a mixture of visual, verbal, memory and dictation tests with audio and video support. They are compatible with all modern web browsers including PC, Mac, Android tablets and iPads.

The newest feature is a licensing system to allow a third party to install the application in a compiled form on their own web server and then either offer it to their employees or resell it to other organisations. The system is remotely licensed via an admin system which generates a key annually to enable continued use of the system, protecting the rights of Pico.

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