Sartorius Job Sheet System

Continuing our long standing relationship with Sartorius we have developed a new job sheet system for their non-pipette field based service offering. Due to a customer perception that the non-pipette paperwork was not as refined as the documentation produced within our pipette calibration software called Quanta, they approached us to develop a system to assist their engineers to complete the necessary work once on-site and produce professional pdf documentation to be emailed / printed for the customer.

The system had to integrate with their existing back end system so the workload for the main office wasn’t increased, as such the back end system exports the monthly workload and then the office have a tool that creates a job file for each engineer to import into their software. Once this file has been imported the engineer has a full list of service/repair and installation jobs for the month that includes all the information they need to know to complete the work. As the job progresses the engineer can quickly group equipment together and mark the tasks that have been completed. Upon completion a PDF report can be produced and emailed directly to the customer or printed to leave with the customer. The data is then sent back to the office so they can process and invoice the work.

The software is used by a large number of engineers all over the country and has saved many hours of data entry time as well as improve the quality of documentation for the customers.

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