Twenty Years of BioMedical Computing Ltd

BioMedical is celebrating 20 years of providing cutting edge, affordable bespoke software solutions for the medical research, biotech, electronics, education and commercial industries.

Since James set up the business in 1996 based in historic Battle, a lot of things have changed. At the start a majority of solutions were based on Microsoft Access and were designed for desktop PCs. Over time this began to change and in 2001 when Adrian joined we started offering web based systems despite only having a single 33.6k modem in the office. The first system to be created was an online training system that is still in use today and ended up being such a vast system we needed help developing and supporting it and Simon was drafted in early in 2002. The mixture of MS Access and online Perl based web applications continued for a number of years until the introduction of the Microsoft .NET framework caused another shift. This new environment could be used for both desktop applications and web applications and this soon became our environment of choice. Alongside our main software offerings we began exploring mobile apps on both Android and iOS, Phil is our in-house expert on all things mobile and always enjoys new challenges. The newest member of the team is Elliott, fresh from university he never shies away from a challenge and works on both web and desktop applications.

Over the years we have refined our working practises and have been proud to attain various accreditations. We are currently Microsoft Gold Partners and are ISO 9001 certified.

That’s where we are today, a team of five producing a mind boggling wide array of applications in almost every industry you can think of. We love new challenges and learning about new industries and most of all solving problems and improving your business.

Below is a slideshow showing the evolution of our humble website and us as a business, enjoy the show!

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