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Two Successful Projects

CVC came to us with a brief for a new back end management system as they were struggling to cope with the number of enquiries and orders they were processing on a daily basis. Working closely with the team at CVC we developed a system in C# to handle the entire process from initial enquiry through to delivery of the vehicle, the system has many features including the ability to assign enquiries/orders to a specific person, poweful reporting tools so top level management can review current and previous activity, integration with third party data providers to automatically prefill vehicle details and optional extras and strict validation rules making sure orders cannot be processed without all the necessary documentation having been uploaded and all necessary data captured from the client.

Alongside the main system a dealer portal was created so vehicle orders could be tracked by the dealers and updates posted notifying CVC of progress when supplying the vehicles. A client portal was also developed to allow clients to track their orders, submit necessary information and documents and enquire about new vehicles without the need to call.

The system has been developed in such a way that CVC can provide its features to other similiar businesses following a Software As A Service (SaaS) model.

As development of this system was drawing to a close Google announced their intention to change their rankings to prioritise sites that provide a good mobile experience, the existing CVC public facing website was performing well in the rankings but was not responsive and as such was going to suffer with these changes. We took the existing site and modified the style sheet to make it responsive, some elements didn't suit a responsiveness due to their design and these were re-developed to give the best possible experience both on the desktop and mobile devices. Alongside these changes we added CMS functionality to allow CVC to manage the vehicles on the site saving them time and money when they need to make changes and by hosting both systems on the same server quote requests raised via the website are automatically passed through to the management system for processing.

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Russell Nixon Managing Director of CVC Ltd said...


CVC is a finance intermediary that sources finance packages and commercial vehicles to meet the needs of our large and varied client base. In a dynamic and fast paced industry such as this, it is essential to have the necessary tools to compete, let alone lead the field. It was of utmost importance to CVC to find and establish a working relatingship with a software business partner that meets our demanding expectations, and to be in line therefore with the expectations that our clients place on CVC. In BioMedical, we have found that trusted partner and it would be fair to say that we are nothing short of delighted with the work that they have carried out for CVC. Both our CRM, which interacts with our suppliers and clients via their own unique interface, and our website have been praised by our clients for their simplicity and functionality. The reliability of the products is also without question - BioMedical clearly undertake meticulous testing before signing off a piece of work.

We at CVC look forward to working with BioMedical on an ongoing future basis, and would like to thank them for their commitment to us.

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