EasyLog 21CFR Launched

Following the successful launch of the EasyLog USB software we developed for Lascar's range of data loggers last year, a market need was identified for a logger and software solution that would fulfill all the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. Lascar were keen to make the software and logger familiar to existing users but offer increased traceability through a secure login procedure and full audit process.

EasyLog 21CFR

We worked with the team at Lascar to develop a suite of software applications to fully support the new logger, including:


Main Application

Written in C#.net this allows users to configure the logger and download the data to a secure data file. Users must login and all actions performed within the software are logged in the software audit trail.


Log Viewer

The log viewer application is a C#.net WPF application that displays the downloaded data in both a graphical and tabular form and allows users to analyse either the overall data or zoom in on individual parts of the data. Comments can be added to individual data readings and reports can be exported to PDF and Excel.  Authorised users can mark the downloaded data as accepted locking the data so it can only be viewed and no comments added/edited. All actions are logged in both the software audit and the session audit.


Audit Viewer

The audit viewer is a C#.net WPF application that displays the selected audit trail in a tabular form. There is a basic view showing the most important information and an advanced view to show all information stored. The table can be filtered by any of the columns shown and the resulting table of data can be exported to PDF at any time.


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