ISO 9001:2008 Certification


As we continue to grow our company we identified that a formal quality management system would benefit us and more importantly our customers. Following a period of research and discussions with some of our existing customers we decided to develop a system that followed the standard set out in ISO9001:2008.


Working with SGR over a 12 month period we created a quality management system designed to improve our internal processes and therefore improve the standard of the work we produce for customers. We have now been running the system for a number of months and have seen great benefits to our company and our existing customers have praised the improved documentation and products we are providing them.


Earlier this year we had our two stage ISO9001 audit from IMS International, this involved having an external auditor on-site for two days looking at our documented quality management system and then reviewing how we are following the procedures and using the forms. Following this process we were recommended for certification and we have now received our formal ISO9001:2008 Certification.


The audit included inspection and certification of our software development process for 'high risk' scenarios. This would satisfy, for instance BS EN 62304, a standard for medical device software development.




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