Device Interfacing

Creating Solutions for Accessing and Analysing Data in the Moment

Whether you have a great device you want to bring to market or you use a device every day as part of your business process, software can be used to communicate with the device and enhance its functionality. Whether the software is used to configure the device, read information from the device or even both, it will enhance the device making it more useful.

We have worked with numerous clients to create cutting edge device interfacing solutions. Some examples of how our software hardware Interfacing work has improved device functionality can be found below.

Examples of our Device interfacing work

Breath Monitors – We work with Bedfont Scientific Ltd to produce software to support their range of breath monitors for use within the healthcare industry. Our PC based software can download test data via USB and offer storage and reporting functionality. We have also developed a mobile app to take readings from a device connected via the jack socket and show the results on screen. For more detailed information on this device interfacing solution, take a look at the case study here.

Data Loggers – We work with Lascar Electronics Ltd to produce software to both configure their range of USB data loggers and download, store and report logged data. The configuration process offers a user friendly interface to set the available options such as logging rate and alarm levels. Once logging has completed the data can be read from the device and a graph tool shows logged data and allows analysis/reporting to be performed. To read more on this solution, check out our case study here.

Wifi Sensors – We work with Corintech Ltd to produce both PC software for configuring their sensors to connect to a network and communicate via WiFi and a cloud based system to view real-time data and perform data analysis and reporting. A full 21CFR compliant system has also been developed for use by customers that have requirements for enhanced traceable documentation and secure data storage. Why not check out the case study to see more information about this type of device.

Balances – Working with Sartorius we have developed a pipette calibration software called Quanta, this software can communicate with the balances used during calibration to take the measurements directly therefore increasing the speed and accuracy of the process. It supports any RS232 balance connected to either a serial port or via a serial to USB converter including the Mettler MCP105 and Sartorius SpeedCAL balances for quick and easy multi-channel pipette calibration. To learn more about Quanta take a look at the case study.

Do you have a device that you feel could be enhanced by software? Contact us to see how we can help with your Device interfacing requirements….

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