Medical Device Software Development

When you have a great medical device you want to bring to market, software can be used to increase the overall product functionality and communicate with the device either directly via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth, NFC or Wifi.

Some examples of medical device functionality that could be enhanced with software are:

  • Configuration of the device
  • Synchronisation of patient data including results
  • A user interface for accessing functionality on the device
  • Integration with existing medical systems for example using GDT / HL7 protocols
  • Bespoke patient management system for reporting of results / analysis of results

Developing Bespoke Software for Medical Devices

We have worked extensively with Bedfont Scientific Ltd to produce a range of software packages to support their breath monitors for use within the healthcare industry. Our PC based software can synchronise test data via USB and offers full storage and reporting functionality along with data export options to share results with standard healthcare software packages.

We have also developed a mobile app for iOS and Android to take readings from a device connected via the jack socket and show the results on screen. For more detailed information on these sort of solutions, please browse our case studies.

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