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Bespoke Product Development Programmers

Developing products used by your clients is important work that we take extremely seriously. Whether the software solution is the product or it is used to enhance a product, we like to take the time to fully understand your ideas and offer the best solution utilising the ideal platform, whether it is PC, web or mobile based (or a combination of these).

Bespoke Product Development Programmers

Having many years of experience developing products for a wide range of industries, we can help you with the strategy and technology requirements to make your product a success. We’ll integrate with your team to help you scope out the requirements of your project, taking a top to tail view from user experience goals through to the technology options best suited for achieving these goals.

Once the product is finished and launched we don’t just disappear, we will always be there to support and enhance the product offering to make sure it remains ahead of the competition.

Bespoke software product development is becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to maximise the potential of their products, gain an edge over their competition and delight their customers.

Use our years of experience, creativity and technical know-how to help with your software product development needs. Contact us today to find out how a custom built product can power up your business.

Be brave, get in touch to discuss your plans.

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BioMedical have been very reliable and always responded to our needs
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Scott Deamer-Smith, BedFont Technical Support Manager
Case Studies - click to view
Files Thru The Air
We created the cloud and database elements for Corintech's WiFi-enabled temperature and humidity sensors
QuickScreen Dyslexia Test
We developed an online system to quickly give a thorough assessment of a candidate's learning needs and indicators of dyslexia.
Tailored Training
We produced an online resource to train their staff, eliminating external training costs and improve efficiency within the business. Alongside this the system was developed so the online training courses could be sold to other organisations generating an additional revenue stream.
Stop Smoking Service (COmpactUSB)
We created a piece of software for our client that communicates with a handheld breath monitor that measures carbon monoxide (CO) levels, sends results to a website and displays the measured readings.
GastroCHART (Gastrolyzer)
We created a piece of software to interface with Bedfont's range of Gastrolyzer devices and report on patient data captured during tests. Complete management of the test process and production of the patients report are included.
Quanta Pipette Service and Calibration Software
We produced a software package to manage the entire pipette servicing/calibration process. In addition data can be sent automatically to field engineers and returned once complete for faster processing.
Panel Pilot
In collaboration with Lascar we completed a software package based on their design to setup and create customisable meters for their USB connected panels. New meter designs can be slotted into the software via an online marketplace.
Intelligent Flatplan
We developed an online multi-user system that would allow distributed teams to collaborate on their flatplans, the main tool used in the planning and production process of both printed and electronic magazines.
EasyLog CFR21
Working in conjunction with Lascar we created a piece of software to configure, download and report on data from their CFR21 logger. Full audit trail and user controls were required to meet the CFR21 requirements.