Bedfont Scientific Ltd

Bedfont Scientific Ltd

In addition to developing their existing range of handheld breath monitors, the client also had an ever-growing range of new monitors that required software support.

The challenge

Instead of releasing separate stand-alone software packages for each device, the challenge was to develop a new framework that offers an ‘app store’ style approach where new apps can be downloaded to support new products as and when they are released.

The solution

The framework we developed currently has three apps, namely: COdata+™, GastroCHART™ and ToxCOdata. Each app supports a different product range and has bespoke functionality.

For example, COdata+™ allows readings to be taken directly from a connected device or alternatively tests can be stored within the device and then synchronised with the software. Within the software, graphs show the patient’s progress.

The results

The framework allows apps and firmware versions to be uploaded to the server by Bedfontvia a web interface which includes a release note log of all published updates that can be viewed by the end user. When a device is connected to the PC via USB, the software checks for updated firmware and prompts the user if a new version is found. An interactive firmware update tool is then loaded to guide the user through the process.

Along with supporting new devices, updates to existing apps can be installed via the store without having to distribute physical media or instruct customers to download updates. We continue to develop new apps for the framework to support the client’s ever-growing range of devices.

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