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By referring clients to BioMedical, you can support them in finding the perfect bespoke software solution, whilst also earning exclusive rewards and commission.

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We recognise that a significant portion of our business comes from excellent word-of-mouth referrals. To show our appreciation, we’ve established a referral programme that rewards the closest members of our network for connecting us with new clients. When you join BioMedical’s Referral Programme, you’ll earn a 5% commission from any project that is successfully referred to us for the first year. All you need to do is keep us in mind – and if the opportunity arises – let your contact know who we are.

An ideal BioMedical Computing client...

We specialise in creating custom software solutions across a broad range of sectors and whilst we have a high profile in the medical research, laboratory, biotech and electronics sectors nothing is off limits. We are experts in the collation, analysis and reporting of data, a common requirement across all industries. With the need for bespoke software rapidly expanding, we are constantly finding new ways to support this need with custom made software. Therefore, we tend to work with our clients on a long-term basis, helping them evolve and adapt their systems over time.
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Is your contact grappling with complex data sources, manual workflows, or inefficient systems that hinder scalability? Perhaps they're dealing with software systems that don't 'talk' to each other, or they're starved for actionable insights due to limited data access. If any of these challenges resonate with them, it's time for an initial conversation with BioMedical. Our custom software solutions are designed to tackle these pain points, empowering them to make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes.
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