The expertise, experience and industry understanding to bring your ideas to life.

We have a high level of expertise, a broad range of skills and a senior team with 50+ years of biotech, medical research and electronics industry experience.

What makes us different?

We are curious, natural problem solvers, and are determined to help develop the full potential of your product or solution. Our talented team share a love of adding value and making things more accurate, efficient and easier for users.

Our story

Founded in 1996 by James Densem and with a background in both the medical and biotech sectors, our roots have always been firmly in the three main sectors we serve. In the years since, we’ve developed a unique understanding of your industry requirements and the challenges you face.

Meet your team

How we work with you

We start by getting an understanding of your end goal and your market. We then advise on the best approach with both the bigger picture and the specific project in mind. We follow a structured but flexible process that supports your needs, including accreditation where required, providing regular updates and ongoing support.
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