Lascar Electronics

Lascar Electronics

Our client came to us with a colour touchscreen panel that was configurable via a USB port to display various different meter styles.

The challenge

The challenge was to develop software based on the client’s design to allow a user to customise all aspects of the meter and upload the necessary files to the panel.

By combining Biomedical’s software development skills with our Panel, we have an award-winning product that has brought us commercial success.
Rod Piwowarski (B.Eng)Group Chief Executive, Lascar Electronics

The solution

Working in collaboration with the client, we created a .net Windows application with the following features:

  • Outer framework application designed to handle new meter configuration processes without any code changes
  • All meter configuration screens loaded from external files using an XML schema
  • Real-time device detection to allow uploading and downloading of configuration data
  • Ability to configure the scaling of the meters, to control what they display at specified voltages
  • All colour values converted to and from 16 bit RGB565 to ensure compatibility with the panel

The results

The application allows users to modify the display panel to their own requirements and makes the provision of dedicated display panels a simple, quick and inexpensive process compared to the traditional route of dedicated device programming. The framework and web interface approach also allows for the rapid and inexpensive development and deployment of new meters along with updates to existing meters. The application was named Product of the Year by Electronic Products in 2010.