Pico Educational Systems Ltd

Pico Educational Systems Ltd

Pico’s StudyScan dyslexia testing suite was introduced in 1997. However, modern advances in computing technologies meant that a new version was required that would be compatible with 64-bit computers and tablets.

The challenge

Using the knowledge and results gained from the StudyScan usage, the challenge was to build a test using the most effective elements of the old system, but which is considerably quicker to complete and has an updated, user-friendly interface.

We are more than satisfied and are confident that this test will help people with a wide range of abilities to identify dyslexia and other learning needs.
Dr D WalkerTest Author and Dyslexia Consultant, Pico Educational systems Ltd

The solution

We immediately realised StudyScan could reach a far larger audience as an online service with PayPal integration for instant payment processing. During development, a new feature was also requested: the ability for some organisations to host their own copy of the system and use it under license. We therefore added a licensing system that allows administrators to track usage and licensing of organisations using either the main install or their own copy.

The results

The new test has been named QuickScreen and is considerably shorter than the old one. It is based around 6 individual tests. The candidate can complete these tests in any order and in multiple sittings if they wish. Once complete, the system calculates scores for each test then combines them to give a level of indications of dyslexia, literacy capability and general speed of processing information. The candidate is presented with a report containing a detailed analysis of their results and recommendations.

QuickScreen has recently undergone trials by participating universities and individuals registered with the British Dyslexic Association which have proved very positive.

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