CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE: Due to the unfolding situation, we at BioMedical Computing will be working from home for the time being.

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Achieve MaxiProfitisation

Achieve MaxiProfitisationTM using tailor made software developed by us, for you. It's our passion.


MaxiProfitisation MaxiProfitisation

Whether your business processes are holding you back, or you have a product that isn’t quite giving you that competitive advantage you’re looking for, we can combine our skills in solving problems with cutting edge technical software solutions to help you achieve MaxiProfitisationTM.

We always focus on getting you a solution that doesn’t just fulfil your requirements but really works for you and exceeds your expectations. We have a huge thirst for knowledge and like to integrate with your existing team to make sure we fully understand your business and that the software we create fits in with your existing processes reducing time wasting and increasing efficiency and profits.

How We Work

How We Work

The Initial Chat

Give us a call to discuss your ideas or drop us an email and we will call you back. We will take the time to discuss and understand your ideas and offer you honest advice. We have many years of experience in a variety of business sectors and will build upon this experience to work with you in developing your ideas.

Meet & Draw Up Requirements

If you already have a full specification and you want us to follow it then great! However we understand that ideas change as the development progresses and as such we like to work with you to develop a functional requirement. This outlines the basic functionality without specifying every tiny detail allowing for tweaks to be made during development.

Main Development Stage

As development progresses you will be kept up to date with progress and invited to review the solution whenever you want to. This can be via a remote demo or in person and will allow you to make sure you are happy with progress and make changes to the requirements as necessary.

Testing & Release

Once the solution has been finished it will be rigorously tested in house before a test release is sent to you for final testing and validation. As part of our ISO9001:2008 accredited quality management system we will provide you with a development log outlining all the stages of development, how each one has been tested in house and any bugs that were found and subsequently fixed. Once all parties are happy we will assist you in rolling out the solution to make the transition as easy as possible.

The Future

Don’t worry, we don’t just hand over the solution and disappear, we like to be kept in the loop with how the system is performing and discuss ways to improve the systems over time to cope with new challenges. Of course we will always be here in the unlikely event of an issue arising and will work with you to resolve it as quickly as possible.

What We Do

Device Interfacing

When you have a great device but lack the resources to develop an equally great accompanying software package we can help. We can fill the gaps in your resource and bring a wealth of technical know-how and creativity to your development team. Whether the device needs to talk directly to a PC via USB or to a range of devices via wireless technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC we have the skills and experience to enhance your products functionality and get you ahead of your competitors.

Check out how we have helped people like you to improve their product offering below.

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Business Efficiency Solutions

In business you often find yourself struggling to understand why it takes so long to perform everyday processes or to analyse data from your accounts / CRM package. We believe that in order for your business to run efficiently it shouldn’t be held hostage by off the shelf software that doesn’t quite fulfil its original purpose and can’t be customised. Instead the software your business uses should be designed to complement your existing processes and improve upon them without changing your entire work ethic and alienating your staff.

Bespoke solutions can be developed over time and introduced gradually to measure the effect it has on your profits and efficiency, as such we like to use our MaxiProfitisationTM process to make sure we listen to and fully understand your needs at all stages of planning and development.

Why not look at how we have helped and continue to help businesses like yours below.

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Data Management & Collection Solutions

When collecting research data you want to be sure it is accurately recorded, kept up to date and stored securely. Standard off the shelf data entry software will only allow you to customise the structure up to a limit and you end up compromising your research to fit the software restrictions. Instead a bespoke data collection, analysing and reporting software package based locally, online or even via a mobile app means you can collect and validate the data you want to without compromise.

Scroll down to see some of the bespoke research applications we have developed.

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Product Development

When you have a great idea and need help fully developing it and getting it to market we’re there. We integrate with your current team to fill the gaps and work with you to develop and enhance your ideas to help you achieve a market leading product. Whether your product is an installable software package, a web based service or a physical product that needs software to fully realise its potential we can help.

The process doesn’t stop when the product is released, we will continue to work with you to support and enhance the product so it remains ahead of competition.

Why not take a look at some of the market leading products we have developed with our customers below.

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Case Studies

Files Thru The Air

We created the cloud and database elements for Corintech's WiFi-enabled temperature and humidity sensors

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"BioMedical's wideranging expertise has been invaluable"
Tim Waterman, Technical Director
QuickScreen Dyslexia Test

We developed an online system to quickly give a thorough assessment of a candidate's learning needs and indicators of dyslexia.

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"BioMedical came up with the creativity and flair that was needed"
Dorota Walker, Test Author & Dyslexia Consultant
ias Claims Management System

We replaced their existing stand-alone Access database system with a hosted solution allowing data to be entered at each of their offices across the UK and available instantly at head office.

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"BioMedical have been approachable and patient with us in developing a system"
Phil Nolan, Partner
Westoaks Online Management System

Expanding upon their existing windows based application a new hosted system compatible with tablet / mobile devices was developed to track jobs from estimating through to invoicing in real time.

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"I'm delighted with the high level of technical expertise and future proofing in our system"
Andy Noble, Managing Director

We developed an online CRM system to store client details, manage quote requests and generate quotes, orders and invoices, including the option to sell access to the system to other companies.

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"BioMedical are reliable, trustworthy and personable people"
Russell Nixon, Director
Tailored Training

We produced an online resource to train their staff, eliminating external training costs and improve efficiency within the business. Alongside this the system was developed so the online training courses could be sold to other organisations generating an additional revenue stream.

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"If we spot a better way of doing things, BioMedical can do it"
Jonathan Prus, Managing Director
Online Care Home Management System

We created on online care management system to manage the expanding number of clients and staff across the business in remote locations.

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"BioMedical have saved us a significant amount of time and money"
Chris Andrews, Managing Director
Stop Smoking Service (COmpactUSB)

We created a piece of software for our client that communicates with a handheld breath monitor that measures carbon monoxide (CO) levels, sends results to a website and displays the measured readings.

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"BioMedical have been very reliable and always respond to our needs"
Scott Deamer-Smith, Technical Support Manager
GastroCHART (Gastrolyzer)

We created a piece of software to interface with Bedfont's range of Gastrolyzer devices and report on patient data captured during tests. Complete management of the test process and production of the patients report are included.

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"BioMedical have been invaluable to Bedfont"
Scott Deamer-Smith, Technical Support Manager
Web Cluster System

We created a cluster system to manage all their regional websites from a single template, with the search engine optimisation benefits that come from having sites hosted on servers local to the country the website is intended to serve.

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"We would be lost without BioMedical"
Ian Hemmings, Service Director
Quanta Pipette Service and Calibration Software

We produced a software package to manage the entire pipette servicing/calibration process. In addition data can be sent automatically to field engineers and returned once complete for faster processing.

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"We would be lost without BioMedical"
Ian Hemmings, Service Director
Perinatal, Maternal & Child Death Registers

In order to improve efficiency and data quality we produced an online system to allow remote entry of data therefore reducing printing costs and costs associated with re-entering and validating the data.

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"BioMedical have made an invaluable contribution to our development"
Richard Congdon, Chief Executive
Online Questionnaires

In order to collect the required data from the UK's paper mills we produced an online questionnaire system that can be customised by the CPI for the mills to enter data directly. This data is then automatically downloaded to the CPI's existing central database system.

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"BioMedical provided us with a cost-effective data solution"
Nick Langdon, Statistics Manager
Retail and Commercial Property Insurance

We created a system for EIG to generate quotations, invoices and insurance certificates dependent upon cover required and manage the renewal of policies. On top of this management reporting allows them to monitor all aspects of their business centrally.

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"We could not survive without BioMedical's software"
Nick Sellick, Managing Director
Data Management Program

We created a system to standardise and verify the birth malformation data entered by over 40 european registries prior to collating the data in a central database.

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"BioMedical provide high technical competence and excellent communication"
Prof Helen Dolk, project leader
Panel Pilot

In collaboration with Lascar we completed a software package based on their design to setup and create customisable meters for their USB connected panels. New meter designs can be slotted into the software via an online marketplace.

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"BioMedical are a great company to work with"
Rod Piwowarski, CEO
Distance Learning Exams Administration

We have streamlined the processes for the distance learning departments exam process, instead of many manually created spreadsheets new automated systems and a central database system have improved efficiency and accuracy of data.

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"BioMedical are always willing to go the extra mile"
Justin Margolin, DL Office Manager
Tracking System

We created a new system for Osborne Energy who work within the energy efficiency sector for tracking jobs, monitoring quality checks and generating invoice submissions.

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"We have nothing but praise for the support and guidance provided by BioMedical"
Emma Andrews, Director
Intelligent Flatplan

We developed an online multi-user system that would allow distributed teams to collaborate on their flatplans, the main tool used in the planning and production process of both printed and electronic magazines.

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"The publishing industry now has a much improved planning and production capability"
Jon Barrett, Managing Director
Mystery Shopping System

We took the existing mystery shopping system Shopper Anonymous were using and re-developed it to make it faster, more reliable and more flexible. With a new stable efficient system new features have been added to improve their overall efficiency.

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"BioMedical are very very good"
Jonathan Winchester, Managing Director
Anti-Counterfeiting System

Faced with a counterfeiting issue we created a system to check for counterfeits of their goods. The system generated labels and codes required for individual boxes of products, and an online portal for customers to be able to check for genuine products.

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"BioMedical have created a smooth, efficient and user friendly system"
Steve Barnes, Managing Director
Sage Line 50 Integration

We developed an analyse tool to assist swiftlite in planning their forward stock position in order to be able to advise customers when their orders could be fulfilled. The data is sourced directly from their sage system and outputted to Excel.

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"BioMedical's system has saved us in the order of 500 man hours a year"
Steve Barnes, Managing Director
EasyLog CFR21

Working in conjunction with Lascar we created a piece of software to configure, download and report on data from their CFR21 logger. Full audit trail and user controls were required to meet the CFR21 requirements.

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"BioMedical deliver solutions that exceed our initial expectations"
Richard Cameron, Director

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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE: Due to the unfolding situation, we at BioMedical Computing will be working from home for the time being.

We are still available on our normal telephone numbers during office hours if you need to contact us.

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